Added Value

With revenues1 of R$ 1.1 billion after provision for doubtful accounts, Fras-le generated a consolidated net added value of R$ 587.5 in 2015, which was distributed as follows:


1 Consolidated gross revenues – Cancelled and Sales and Devolutions.

Environmental Responsibility

Fras-le was the first manufacturer of friction materials in South America to achieve the ISO 14001 Certification, known as the Environmental ISO. In addition, it is also the pioneering company in monitoring asbestos, initiated in 1983. Asbestos has been totally eliminated from Fras-le`s production line since 2002.

In order to comply with the environmental legislation, Fras-le has in place some operations such as wastewater treatment, waster center, catchment system of particulate material and others.

Since the 1990`s, Fras-le has in place the Environmental Management System (EMS), aimed at minimizing and preventing environmental impacts arising from the use of natural resources and the generation of residues, by developing systematic actions aimed at environmental conservation, as follows:

  • Search for new technologies to optimize waste treatment;
  • Specific indicators for measuring environmental performance;
  • Waste Center;
  • Composting Process;  
  • System for wastewater treatment; 
  • Internal recirculation system of treated effluent; 
  • Monitoring of air emissions, liquid and solid waste;
  • Environmental educational activities for employees and stakeholders, during the week in which the World Environment Day is celebrated;
  • Pro-Environment Program. 

Throughout 2015, more than 54 (fifty-four) million liters of wastewater were treated at Fras-le. The effluents come from toilets, changing rooms, restaurant, cooling towers, scrubber, and others. The treatment process is performed through the addition of chemical products, biological treatment, and filtration system to ensure compliance with emission standards and current legislation.  

Approximately 28% of this treated effluent was reused (15,398 m³). Below are the volumes of waste that have been reused over the last 5 years.

Year 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
Reused (m³) 18,188 16,268 16,431 13,887 15,398

The PRO-ENVIRONMENTAL PROGRAM consists of collecting and disposing friction material after its use. The goal of this program is to ensure the adequate final destination of such used material so as to prevent possible environmental impacts. In 2015, approximately 1,000 tons of brake linings/month was correctly collected. This program emerged from thinking about the Company`s responsibility for the material it produces, and also to offer our customers an additional and differentiated service.

The Company`s investments in environmental conservation have reached, over the last five years, R$ 6.0 million/year. 

Social Responsibility

With management practices targeted at development, quality of life and education of its employees, Fras-le had, at the end of 2015, more than 3,000 employees worldwide. Currently, the activities aimed at human actions are planned and developed through programs and practices, based on the principle of "Respect and Recognition for the Individual".

With this goal, the Company provides numerous benefits to their employees, among which we highlight: health and dental services, food, medication reimbursement, private pension, transportation, legal aid, daycare allowance, awards for time in the company and others.  Some of these benefits include employees` family members.

In order to provide employees with continuing education and aiming to develop employees` technical and behavioral skills, Fras-le sponsors several activities, including formal education, technical training, team development, development of leaders and managers, and distance learning.

The company also develops various programs aimed at providing a healthier organizational climate. Among them, we highlight:

Growing Program

Provides the continued education of employees through formal education, technical training, team development and leadership development.

New Paths Program

Prepares employees for retirement through learning, so that they can continue engaged in a professional activity after the end of their careers in the Company.

Handling Life Well program

Encourages healthy habits and attitudes against alcoholism and drugs, providing plenty of activities to employees. These activities are aimed at promoting their health at the individual, social, professional and family levels, as well as at the workplace.

Including Program

The program aims to disseminate the organizational culture and equality of opportunities while respecting diversity, whether ethnic, racial, creed-related, disability, age, or others.

Management Succession Program

Aims to identify and develop potential professionals to meet the demand for management positions in Randon Companies.

Here-You-Can-Grow Program

Enables to use people from within the Company in the vacancies offered by the Company, providing opportunities for professional growth.

Fras-le Internship Program

Aims to qualify young talents through professional experiences and development actions promoting technical and behavioral improvement. It also aims to serve as a source of potential professionals who may be hired in the future, so they can build their careers in the Organization.

Foreign Employees Integration and Development Program

The main goal of this Program is to integrate and develop foreign officials aiming at technical retention and improvement. It also allows them to have a clearer understanding about the Company and integrating with the entire Fras-le team through Portuguese classes.

Exchange Program

Aims to provide a multicultural environment by encouraging new visions and the practice of other languages. The Program welcomes young professionals from other countries, making teams more receptive to new cultures, in addition to adding different knowledge and new business perspectives.

One of Fras-le`s practices is the Profit Sharing Program as a return for the engagement, dedication and commitment of each employee. This way, all employees are involved in pursuing better performance and achieving the goals set forth for the growth of the Company.

In order to maintain itself as an ethical and socially-responsible Company, Fras-le  participates, implements and supports corporate citizenship programs focused on  education, culture and environment.  It counts on the Elisabetha Randon Institute, a Civil Society Organization of Public Interest relating to corporate citizenship.

Among the social programs developed by the Company are:

Florescer Program

Prepares children and adolescents in socioeconomic inequality for the exercise of citizenship. The students are 7 to 14 years of age and participate in various educational activities in the company`s own education center, which is fully equipped for this purpose.  Some are employees` children and some come from nearby communities.

Basic Training Florescer Program

The Program continues the actions implemented under the Florescer Program: students from 15 to 16 years of age are offered the opportunity, during High School, to receive training as Administrative Assistants in partnership with SENAI;

Qualifying Program

Prepares young people, aged 16 onward, for the labor market through professional and technical training.

Being-a-Volunteer Program

It provides formal and organized support for employees who wish to voluntarily serve the community with their time and skills;

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