Awards and Highlights

The NQA (National Quality Award) model of excellence follows assessment criteria based on the following statements: Companies exist to generate results through people and processes, with information and knowledge determined by strategies and plans formulated by leaders.

Fras-le management model has reached its highest excellent point in 2007 when it received the NQA (National Quality Award), which is the Diamond Trophy. The path of such achievement is listed below – a sequence of awards that shows the evolution of its management model based on criteria of excellence.

2008 Awarded with the Diamond Trophy at the PQRS-RS (Rio Grande do Sul State Quality and Productivity Program ) on merit by winning the NQA 2007);
2007 Awarded with the National Quality Award;
2006 A finalist at the National Quality Award;
2005 Awarded with the Diamond Trophy at PQRS-RS;
2003 Awarded with the Gold Trophy at the PQRS-RS;
2002 Awarded with the Silver Trophy at the PQRS-RS;
2001 Awarded with the Silver Trophy at the PQRS-RS;
2000 Bronze trophy at the PQRS-RS;
1999 Bronze Trophy at the PQRS-RS;
1998 Winner, at the State level, of the CNI Award for Quality and Productivity;
Green Seal, by the Legislative Assembly of the State of Rio de Janeiro and by the Non-Governmental Organization Earth Defenders, for its efforts in research, development and marketing of asbestos-free friction materials.

In addition, Fras-le has been regularly present in the ranking of the Best Companies to Work for in Brazil, with the following achievements in Human Resources: 

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